Electronics consumables




Consumer products, such as luxury items and electronics, are ideal for personalization with laser processing. Mobiles, Ipads, IPods, Bluetooth headsets, corkscrews, leather goods and high-end pens can all be laser processed to add value and generate additional revenue.


Hitec offers a variety of laser systems for consumer-facing applications. Quickly customize products including electronics, sporting goods, musical instruments, and automotive trim. 

Our systems' laser cutting, laser marking, laser graphic imaging and laser engraving capabilities can be applied to leather, fabric, stainless steel, anodized, bare or coated metal, brass, glass, wood and marble.

laser marking laser marking


On-demand personalization has become very popular and laser engraving is a great way to generate additional revenue and higher margins. Laser engraves logos, text, artwork and even identification numbers on iPods, cell phone accessories and hundreds of other items.




Hitec recommends for Electronics consumables

Small and medium Universal CO2 systems