Awards and recognition

Epilog Laser

Our laser systems are flexible enough to serve almost all your recognition needs. Capable of producing awards in large quantities or individually, our laser solution can process materials including acrylic, glass and marble and can create effects that cannot be duplicated using other methods.


Awards and recognition
From glass and marble to acrylic and wood, laser systems can produce unique, exciting awards. Supplier companies manufacture laser-ready materials specifically for laser engraving because laser systems are so heavily used in the awards industry.


Multiple processes and materials
Awards can be as simple or complicated as you want to make them. Using a laser system gives you the ability to etch a recipient’s name on a glass award, laser cut the company logo in vinyl and affix it to the glass, and then color-fill part of it.


Trophies and awards
Mainstays of the awards industry, trophies and plaques can be laser engraved with precision and speed. Create many trophy nameplates at once by simply inputting the names in your graphics software, placing the nameplates in a template (which can also be made with a laser) and pushing a button.


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