Add your personal touch to your own items because Laser processing is flexible and permanent. And because the laser does not contact the material there is no need to maintain tools or compensate for continual tool wear.


Our laser systems can turn an everyday object into a high value keepsake without inks, dyes, or chemicals. Our laser machines are ideal for corporate identity products which require mass-production of company items while retaining the ability to process unique items as needed.


Laser Engraver


Corporate Identity
Our laser system is the ideal solution for developing corporate identity items and promotional products. The flexibility and versatility of laser processing allows you to mass-produce corporate logos and messaging and also process custom jobs as needed.


Name Tags and Business Cards
Identify yourself and your company in unique ways with laser processing. Engrave wood for a three-dimensional effect or mark on metals to produce a permanent high contrast image. Laser engraved business cards make unique customer leave-behinds and are great for trade shows.


Laser Engraver


Personal staff
Consumer products, such as luxury items and electronics, are ideal for personalization with laser processing. Mobiles, Ipads, IPods, Bluetooth headsets, corkscrews, leather goods and high-end pens can all be laser processed to add value and generate additional revenue.



Hitec recommends for personalization :

Small and medium Universal CO2 systems